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Show Your Appreciation for The Age of LovingKindness

(PLEASE NOTE: Donating to TALK is your choice.)

Please consider making the following suggested sliding-scale donations to The Age of LovingKindness.


Your donations help ensure this invaluable paradigm can continue to be offered FREE to anyone on life's challenging Journey.​​

Discussion Sessions

  • After our get-acquainted conversation, you can schedule subsequent discussion sessions. 

  • The suggested sliding-scale donations for these subsequent sessions are:

    • 25-minute sessions ... between $30 and $55

    • 50-minute sessions ... between $55 and $105

    • 80-minute sessions ... between $85 and $165

Entire TALK Paradigm

  • From time to time, you may also feel inspired to show your appreciation for the entire TALK Paradigm by donating an amount that feels appropriate.

IMPORTANT: Please base the amount you donate to the TALK Paradigm, on your own personal finances ... and importantly, the value the DDH Program has meant to you.

Your donation, large or small, is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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Thank you for donating to the TALK Paradigm ... and please share with others when appropriate.

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