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The Journey Challenge

Choose to open your heart and experience listening to the wisdom of your soul.

Journey Synopsis

These Journey Classes represent a discussion series focusing on collections of short video clips by 3 world renown Personal Exploration authors. After viewing each clip, open discussions will ensue sharing possible meanings of the clip  with no right or wrong answers.


It's these class discussions, that act as an incubator for revealing personal discoveries of pure Self-Awareness ... and just as important, Pure Truth.

Journey  Classes

  • Class 1: The Power of Vulnerability with Dr. Brene Brown
    Purpose - to balance your consciousness with the emotional side of life

  • Class 2: Morning and Evening of Life with Dr. Wayne Dyer
    Purpose - to understand and engage with your spiritual being

  • Class 3: The Four Agreements with Dr. don Miguel Ruiz
    Purpose - gain awareness of the key guidelines to living life with integrity


  • Class 4: Metaphysical Possibilities: Defining the Heart-Soul Connection
    Purpose - identifying the facets of the psyche and how they work together

  • Class 5: Understanding Self-Awareness
    Purpose - to create a meaningful life with Peace and Joy and Love

- I encourage ALL Journey participants to SHARE their inner thoughts with the Journey community by posting them in the appropriate JOURNEY FORUM.

- And to also take the opportunity to both read and comment on exiting forum posts.

- You may feel uncomfortable creating your first forum post, but please know this is a place where there is no right or wrong ... only acceptance and "SilentKnowing".

- To begin a forum post, click the Forum Button at the bottom any Navigation Menu.

Journey Summary

Be ready to open your heart and experience listening to the wisdom of your soul, a listening that can fill you with a new acceptance of peace, joy, and love. This practice brings new meaning to your life that only you can define.

Together we will explore new horizons as you discover your ability to understand your own personal world, looking through new eyes with new lenses and learning to appreciate all it offers.


In the first 3 classes, we will watch short insightful video clips from world-renowned experts in Personal Exploration who each have often had their books on the New York Times best-seller list. After each clip, participants will explore and together discuss what these clips meant to them, with no right or wrong answers.

In Class 4, we will explore Ronnie K's metaphysical possibilities defining the heart-soul connection as he sees life and how these concepts apply to
"Journey Between Your Heart and Soul".

In Class 5, we will examine your own self-awareness using awareness tools to understand why authentically knowing "thyself" is key to mastering your heart-soul connection.

Importantly, it's your own personal journey that you will be exploring each class and not someone else's.

Ask about taking a private
Self-Awareness Journey
with me as your journey guide.

To learn about the process and possibilities, SEND me a Message.

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Journey Guide
Ronnie Kaufman

A Self-Awareness Journey 
is about awakening your authentic self to engage your heart-soul connection bringing new meaning and purpose to your life.

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