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Ronnie's Professional Background

Professional and Not-For Profit Work Experience


Professional Careers

Ronnie began his eclectic professional career working as a film editor at WGN TV studios in Chicago at the age of 21 (1968-1969). From 1977 to 1983, he became a technical consultant for a major international computer corporation. At the age of 33, he gained international recognition in 1980 as the chief technical architect when he pioneered one of the world's first online global distribution systems and soon began presenting his technical design concepts internationally.


Ronnie Kaufman 


At the age of 36, he was the founder and president of a North American consulting firm, Kaufman Group, Inc (1983-1999) with offices in Minneapolis, MN, and Phoenix, AZ. He grew the firm from just himself to a staff of 35 engineers serving Fortune 1000-type companies as well as local and state governments. In 1999, with revenues approaching $4 million, he sold his interest to his business partner.


He also was the founder of a small internet company at the age of 54 (2001-2012) that provided consumers with car reports about their autos ... and he managed its day-to-day operations with a subscribed user base that grew to over 600,000 users when he sold it in 2012.

Not-For-Profit Work

His not-for-profit work includes being elected to the board of an 850-family congregation in Tucson, AZ (2000-2003), and was asked to join the board of the Southern Arizona Jewish Community Foundation (2001-2004) with assets approaching $100 million.


At the age of 58, while chairing the "Divorce Recovery, Inc" organization of Tucson, AZ, he co-facilitated 8-week and 10-week Divorce Recovery support groups, meeting once a week ... with each group composed of 10 to 20 individuals ... and he did this 3 times a year for 9 years. This includes the privilege of having been directly engaged with and graciously serving over 350 individuals from various backgrounds of all ages and walks of life.

He also was elected President of the International Coach Federation of Southern Arizona by his peers from 2013-2014.

Community Volunteering

In 2017, at the age of 70, he moved to Ashland, OR, where he became active at his synagogue and volunteered to chair their Library, Adult Education, and Technology committees until 2020. He was recognized by his peers for achieving much success in his innovative ideas and implementation of them by fellow congregants. 

He was committed to serving those "living in difficult times" by volunteering at the Ashland Winter Shelter for the homeless, although since Covid his participation has been minimal.

Online Published Writings

Ronnie has already published on this website, perhaps 30% of his written personal life chronicles spanning almost 50 years titled. Labyrinth of Life Chronicles. He plans on publishing the remaining memoirs of his past lives ... and new ones regularly.

He has also begun posting on this website as well, what he calls his Moments of Awareness Collection ... fresh Dimensions of Personal Awareness ... fascinating ideas that suddenly reveal themselves in his mind, one thought at a time.

Formal Education

  • 1966-67 University of De Paul, Chicago - Business Administration

  • 1969-70 Control Data Institute, Los Angeles - Computer Technology

  • 1975-76 University of Arizona, Tucson - Business Administration

  • 2008-09 Newfield Network, Boulder, CO - Ontological Coach Training Program

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