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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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A Bowl of Cherries

Lots have been spinning around in my head as to what I want to do and be for the remainder of my life. The essence of all such thoughts is this ... to simply enjoy a clean "freshness" of who I am ... and be aware of who I no longer want to be.

a bowl of cherries
Life is a bowl of cherries

And to accomplish this, I must create a new and different life environment for myself ... an environment that will compliment my efforts to release my lifelong hopes and dreams that I loved so much ... honorable dreams ... yet failed and unfulfilled dreams ... my precious dreams that will never be ... and must begin to let go.

I must release myself from all my many past lives and life styles I've experienced in my attempt to achieve these dreams ... release myself from a self-imposed set of laws for achieving my happiness ... laws made up of all the "shoulds and shouldn'ts", "rights and wrongs" and "goods and bads" I lived by.

And I will focus my efforts on accomplishing this so I might have a glimmer of a chance to be free of all my unhealthy and unwanted stuckness to my past patterns ... and begin to live fully with a zest and freshness of life ... and gladly surrender to each moment with joy and peace and acceptance that life can be a bowl of cherries if I choose to experience it that way (and I do.)

How to accomplish these most seemingly impossible desires ... desires that work for me? Well, I have a few good thoughts. But right now don't want to think about it anymore ... so I am off for a hike in the mountains ... and listen to what my good friend, Mother Nature has to say.

by Ronnie K.

7/3/16 Tucson, AZ

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