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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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A Dream of Happiness

Chicago - December 1974 - Age 27

Preface: My dreams of marrying the woman I had my 1st long term and very intense and intimate relationship with came to an end.

I did not know what the word Love was about but I knew the painful emotions I was feeling were too real.

I decided to leave Chicago ... so I rented a van, loaded up my things and drove to Tucson where I felt I could escape from my deep emotional pain.

A “Dream of Happiness” is about shifting my attitude when my dreams turned out so completely different than I could have imagined ... and attempting to convince myself that everything would be OK.


A Dream of Happiness

Did you ever make a wish when you wanted something so very bad? Weeks, and months and even years passed by with no result… except for the fact that you’re still feeling kind of sad?

Did you ever make a wish when you wanted something so very bad?

And you thought you did all you could to make your wish come true. You worked so hard toward those dreams, yet the only dreams you had were blue.

And sometimes you seemed oh so close, your wish just inches away. Only to find to your regret, somewhere you made the wrong turn, and for you there will be no pay.

But when you can smile even though you lost, and you realize it does no good feeling sad and blue. That’s when you'll start to enjoy your life, as you invite the real dream of happiness to start coming true.

by Ronnie Kaufman

from his "Labyrinth of Life" Collection

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