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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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As Our Spirit Awakens

Preface: I had just moved back to Tucson after a 9 month stay in Phoenix to remove myself from the emotional stress of living in Tucson after my separation from my marriage. And just as it felt like a fresh start for me in Tucson, I wrote this thought to myself.


That’s how it is ... as our Spirit awakens within our beings … to willingly join us and participate along our life's adventure ... with eyes we have not looked thru before ... and it says to us, "Hello my friend. Let us continue this journey together as one."

For it is both the "who" you are today and your wonderful Soul full of wisdom and beauty that I have come to know ... and today appreciate the opportunity of saying to you ... "Hello my friend."

by Ron Kaufman Age 58

May 2005 Tucson, AZ - -


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