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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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My Awakened Appreciations

Preface: While lying in my hospital bed for 4 days under observation ... and with much time to ponder ... these thoughts danced in front of me (all was OK)

I was also awakened to yet another Truth ...
I was awakened to yet another life truth ...

During all my many life journeys ... I always felt something was missing ... that my cup was either half-full or half-empty ... but always something lacked.

And as I lay in bed in my peaceful reverie, I was suddenly awakened by the "Appreciations" that belonged to each of my past life journeys ... appreciations that I had never realized or known before ... like the Ghost of Christmas Past, only in a loving way.

And now for the first time, was also awakened to an important life truth ... that my cup was never half full or half empty ... but my cup has always been overflowing all my life.

And am now humbled and so very grateful as this amazing truth, at last, has said "Hello'" ... and I’ve warmly welcomed this truth home.

And all is well … and all is well.

by Ronnie K. Age 71 August 14, 2018 Ashland, OR


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Unknown member
Jun 04, 2021

I understand about awakened appreciations ... a great practice for those you care about. 😀

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