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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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My Butterfly

Preface: I was in the main study hall at the the old University of Arizona library. It was one of those old study halls with 25-30 foot ceilings and rows and rows large study tables. I loved being in the library I think because it somehow it made me feel smarter. (haha)

I was sitting all alone at one end of a table, when three giggly coeds sat on the other end of the table directly opposite of me. One of them kept looking up at me ... and our eyes would meet and I would smile at her. And after several times of this happening, I began to write the words below. And no ... I never saw her again.

My Butterfly - With hopes you'd come back to me
With hopes that you'd come back to me

Raspberry drops and lemonade, These are things I’d surely trade.

To see that smile upon your face, And hold you in a warm embrace.

Then kiss your lips so tenderly, Then turn you loose and set you free.

With hopes that you’d come back to me.


Monthly Favs: October 2021

by Ron Kaufman. Age28 Tucson, AZ - September 1975


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