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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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My Pirate Lady - A Mystical Encounter

The Reminder Shortly after seeing my old University picture from 1976, it reminded me of a mystical encounter I had while attending a Communications class there.

The Encounter There were probably 100 or so students in the class. I sat in the back of the room on the left. There was this girl who caught my eye who sat in front of the class on the right usually with her friend. For some reason she gave me a sense of another world and another time ... and I thought of her as "My Pirate Lady".

The Dance Often during class she would turn around and look at me. Our eyes would then seem to lock on each other for a few moments in time ... moments that often seemed like forever. There weren't many classes I did not get there early to hopefully see her again.

The Embrace As it were, it seemed as each class passed, we both chose to sit in a chair a little closer to the center of the room ... until finally after several weeks and much anticipation ... we were somehow sitting next to each other. I certainly could feel my heart racing inside my chest that day. And then after class, of all things, I asked her to join me for a coffee.

The Letter A few days later, we went out. I wanted to make sure she knew how it was I felt about her ... and I choose to write her a letter sharing my inner feelings. And so after writing it ... drove to where she lived ... and left it at her door along with a wonderful bouquet of flowers.


My Dear Shari,

I didn't think my heart could ever be touched again. Every day, closer and closer we came to each other as if we both were preparing for some mystical encounter.

Then it happened. I don't know exactly how ... but it happened. We were together ... alone.

My Pirate Lady and the mystical encounter
My Pirate Lady and the mystical encounter

My eyes touched your face ... and at once, strange, provocative thoughts were running wild inside of me. I didn’t know what exactly it was, but it felt so good, an energy radiating out from my mind.

I wanted to take you right then into my arms and tell you I loved you. I didn't even know your name, but that made no difference. What I was feeling was good ... and that's all that mattered.

There is so much more I want to say ... but I shall save such words till time finds the right moment to share them with you.

Until then my Sweet ... until then.

by Ron Kaufman Age 29

May 1976 Tucson, AZ


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Feb 14, 2022

Have more than one Mystical Encounter of this kind. I always discover, and embrace a part of me I have, along the way, abandoned. So grateful that our Souls agreed to meet, yet again in this reality. ~Ann


Aug 08, 2021


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