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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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Spiritual Growth

Preface: After a long bout of feeling sorry for myself ... yet at the same time, committing to myself to not give-in to my deep sadness ... unexpectedly, I saw the light of fresh "possibilities" of life waiting just ahead.

Spiritual Growth comes knocking so often when our journey has brought us to the "lowest valleys".

Yes, the opportunity for Spiritual Growth comes knocking so often when our journey seems to have brought us to the "lowest valleys" ... when the emotional weight we carry in our heart, brings our journey to a temporary halt ... brought on by life's challenging and uninvited "emotional guests" that seem to want to never leave ... which at times burden us to the point of exhaustion.

Then suddenly we find the Spiritual Door swings wide open when we most need it … and invites us in to explore what is inside ... and perhaps even learn and grow from all that it offers … as it so wonderfully nourishes our Heart and Soul.

... and please know ... "I believe in you."
... and please know ... "I believe in you."

And soon we begin to shed the old "who" that we have become through the years ... and find ourselves just a little wiser as we feel the emotional weight begin to lessen … as our Heart begins to feel the Joy of being one with Source.

"What will be next for me?", you may ask. Whatever it is you are ready to take on … and whenever you are ready for it … and not before. So I say to you Dear One ... "Go my friend, go."

I know you will never stop in your quest for truth in what you believe in ... and please know ... "I believe in you."

by Ronnie K. Age 63

on June 4, 2010 Tucson, AZ


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