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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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Through the Next Door

Preface: I began a serious study of Judaism only to find, what most Jews believed, was interesting but lacked depth of what God was all about.


There are a few Jews (and Christians) who truly understand the practice of their religion as most don’t even understand it beyond what they perceive as the obvious basics which are often invalid.

The teachings of Judaism vary greatly
The teachings of Judaism vary greatly

The teachings of Judaism vary greatly between different practices - on one end Reform to Orthodox on the other. But an even more extreme is the practice of Jewish Mysticism.

There is exciting discovery when one delves into the depths of Judaism and discovers the practice of mysticism and meditation.

However during the last 150 years Jewish Mysticism and mediation, once a main stream part of Judaism, have been swept under the carpet and replaced with “Intellectualism” … and only in recent years is it emerging again to fill the needs of those seeking truths.

Jewish Mysticism is a very esoteric practice and most if told about it may never understand its meaning. Why it remains a mystery to so many is for another discussion. But for those who can comprehend these mysteries, it offers the answers to all the questions that have ever been.

Yet it is not important to have these answers for the sake of having answers, but to understand and accept that they are there if you need them … endless answers.

The energies of existence - the 10 Sefirot

From the Jewish Mysticism teaching of ZOHAR and Kabbalah, the concept of the 10 Sefirot or "energies of existence" and their very emergence from the Infinite are presented as well as their relationship to each other.

And to understand that these Sefirot are referred to both in terms of male and female energies and distinctly differentiated … and that the balance between the two are essential in making “it” all work.

Zohar teaches the Infinite is known as Ein Sof literally meaning “endless” or “No Thing” (not nothing but No Thing) which specifically refers to God - as God is not a thing but IS.

So now consider the difference between Eastern meditation and Jewish meditation. On the surface, they are at opposite ends. In Eastern meditation, one empties or clears their mind to a state of “no thoughts” or “no things” in it. In the practice of Jewish Meditation, one fills their mind with God.

Only a few choosing to go thru to the next door
Only a few choosing to go thru to the next door

However, what we find is that these two forms of meditation are actually the same and not opposites as they appear on the surface. One fills their mind with “No Thing” in both practices which is the same as filling one’s mind with God.

The perception of life you choose to hold in your heart of hearts … in your soul … by definition will define the level and intensity of joy you may achieve during Life’s Journey … yours and all who know you.

And until you have an understanding of the possibilities of what’s behind that “unknown door” yet to be found, you may remain very content with your place in life. What a wonderful way to be … content … and most should choose to remain content … with only a few choosing to go thru to the next door and continue the Journey.

by Ron Kaufman Age 58

March 2005 Phoenix, AZ


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