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Words We Want to Hear

Preface:This was from an article I wrote for Natural Awakenings Magazine in Tucson, AZ for Valentines Day 2015.

And there are only three of these simple … words that can move mountains … the simple words …“I love you.”
And there are only three of these simple words that can move mountains … simple words

What are the words we so often hunger to hear from our life partners, husbands, wives? Words that warm our hearts … words that nourish our souls.

Simple words that we often have a difficult time speaking ourselves for fear of being hurt … again.

And there are only three of these simple words that can move mountains … the simple words …“I love you.”

Research shows that there are several common threads that are the essence to a thriving relationship.

These common threads act as a strong connection and grounding mechanism between partners in three very distinct areas: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

It is these three connections that create the strong foundation required to build a healthy and loving relationship.

And the relationship must establish an important balance between these three areas … a balance that wonderfully adjusts itself over time ... as these connections continue to evolve and flow though the essence of each person. These represent the "bricks" needed to create and build a lasting relationship.

But then, what is the mortar that holds theses bricks together? One possible answer is the mortar starts with a commitment and devotion not only to each other but more important, to the partnership itself … to grow and nurture an ever expanding partnership along life’s journey not only as two unique individuals but even more significant, together as one.

You might ask, “What is this thing called Devotion anyway?” According to the Encarta Dictionary, the definition of devotion is:

· Deep love and commitment

· Great dedication and loyalty

· Strong enthusiasm and admiration for somebody

Yes, these definitions … the words used here are the essence of devotion ... but aren't there many more words with deeper feelings that can be added? To answer this we must ask yet another question, “What causes two individuals to choose to be devoted to partners in the first place?”

And for sure this answer will go well beyond the text book definition because true devotion is so much more than words could ever describe. However, it does begin with learning to never be afraid to say those three simple and powerful words we want to hear … “I love you.

by Ronnie Kaufman Age 68

on February 14, 2015 Tucson, AZ


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