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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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A Fresh Start

With this precious opportunity given to you to start again ... begin to widen your awareness and begin to see and appreciate options you have not been willing to see before ... because up to now, you have not known they even exist.

Acknowledge these wonderful options that await you in life ... that is, if you are willing to open your eyes ... and begin to make a powerful choice to perhaps change some of your Life Perspectives you have been living in for soooooo long ... with no judgment of good or bad ... or right or wrong ... but acceptance that this is how your life journey has been thus far.

Please remember boldly ... “A Fresh Start with the same old set of Life Perspectives will sooner or later bring you to the same undesired destination you’ve journeyed to before.” While ... “A Fresh Start with a new set of Life Perspectives has the opportunity to bring you untold Joy.”

At times when I feel my journey has temporarily come to a halt, I gaze at a powerful quote I keep taped by my desk to remind me ... “An Important Mastery of Life ... is the Art of Asking for Help.”

by Ronnie Kaufman Tucson, June 11, 2010

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Feb 21, 2022

Thank you so much. You are an inspiration 🙏😇

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