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In-Person Class Guidelines

  • Take bathroom breaks as needed.

  • Raise your hand if you'd like to share and please wait to be called before speaking as a courtesy to others.

  • When sharing your thoughts, use the first person pronoun “I” and not 2nd person “you” or ”we” … accept when applicable.

  • Your participation adds to the success of this class.

  • If asked if you have any thoughts, Pass if you have nothing to say.

  • I request that you limit your shared thoughts (up to 1 minute or so) to allow others time to share their thoughts as well.

  • Respect each other 's thoughts with understanding. 

  • There are no "right" or "wrong" thoughts or conversations.

  • Maintain a "safe space" environment

  • There is no cross-talk between participants.

  • Other suggestions

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