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My Labyrinth of Life (LoL) Chronicles

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Meet Lonesome Sam

Preface: It was the 1970's and lots of wild and crazy things were going down. In many ways I was a hippie through and through ... was not into drugs but sure liked to take a toke regularly. I was in my 20's and never got into dating lots of women like my friends ... but sure had my share of opportunities and propositions.


The people that do know me, may think I’m a lonely man. The people that know me, call me Lonesome Sam.

I don’t go out much at night, trying to find the girls. For to try and find one that I really like ... well, it’s easier to find an oyster with a pearl.

When I go out into that cold outside world, and see how it can be so cruel. It hurts me so deep inside, seeing so many people being fooled.

As for old Lonesome Sam, home is where I’d rather be. I can do so many things there, and all the booze is free.

I can play with all my “toys”, or be creative when I please. Or ask a woman I know visit me, to make my mind at ease. For old Lonesome Sam has himself, and a world of his own. And although it’s not perfect, it’s his world ... and it’s in his world where he’s at home.

by Ronnie K. - Age 27

Chicago - Fall 1974


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